I am looking for something to kill the fleas on my dogs, I have used dish soap because someone told me that would kill them, and yes it worked real well but my dog started loosing her hair so I stopped. And the flea shampoo just doesn’t seem to do it like I would want. What could I use to really kill the fleas on my dogs?


  1. Lisa

    Front line or k9 advantage go to http://www.1800petmeds.com its usually cheaper. Although the cost is kind of expensive it is worth it so you pet doesn’t end up with tapeworms, which are parasitess that are carried by the fleas. The treatment is usually $15 per pet and f they are still in your home they can be reinfected that can get expensive, also get your home treated by the professionals including the yard, since dogs are more exposed to outdoors. Good luck getting rid of those pest

  2. Alicia G

    Frontline Plus killed every single flea on all THREE of my dogs within hours. Do it every month until the winter. If people think that Frontline doesn’t do anything…why is it the most sought after product? All I have to say is it killed a hell of a lot of fleas in my home!!!! (Make sure you get weight appropriate doses).

  3. golfjan2

    If you prefer to use natural method, try sprinkling garlic powder on the dog’s food. I have been doing this for five years now with my 2 dogs and neither one of them have seen a flea or tick in that time. The garlic acts as a repellent. Lot cheaper than store bought products!

  4. Reece Braveheart Aussies

    Yard or house dog? You need to treat all areas that your dogs in, house-yard. A monthly spot on for your dog and treat your house, sevin dust your yard.Frontline plus gets the eggs and adults, look for something with igr in it.

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