What level of training does your dog have? (basic obedience, advanced obedience, property protection, personal protection on a family or executive level, sentry dog, tracking, naurcotics) Who did the training? How far would you be willing to take the training or how much further would you want to go? When you bought your dog, what was your intention for him/her? (companion, family dog, personal protection dog, property protection, service dog) Tell me your stories. I want to know what your opinions on the training you received.
basic obedience = sit, down, stay, come, all on leash
advanced obedience = sit, sit/stay, down, down/stay, here, come, heal, all off leash
a little info about my dogs
Oryd, GSD, 9 years old now, had his BH title at 18 months, Schutzhund 2 at 2 years old and moved onto police work but the agencies wouldn’t take him because of his East German Stature (big shepherd). he is not a “giant” shepherd but he does come fro


  1. jen.mcco

    Very impressive training of your dogs–
    I have a 6 yr old boxer–Advanced obed- voice and hand Started in protection and tracking–stopped at age 2 due to health issues–Training done by self. Intentions when got him Family pet but he has a very strong drive to work so took it further–
    Bulldog–11 months old–Basic obed. Voice only–what can I say He is the hubby’s dog and well is just a pet WHAT else can they be–intentions when got him and STILL Family Pet
    Next dog either boxer or american bulldog intentions Schutzhund Hopeful

  2. Chickeyd

    We have three dogs – a 6-year old chocolate lab, a 4-year old rat terrier/chihuahua mix, and a 10 month old labradoodle. We lost our 11-year old rotti/lab mix in April to cancer.
    We train our dogs ourselves. Our dogs are family pets, but Jake, our rotti/lab, was also for property protection. Because Jake was SO huge (118 lbs), he was trained for obedience with voice AND hand signals for sit/stay/lay down/come, and all of our dogs are trained for voice obedience and are leash trained.
    Our dogs are also trained to wait before eating, so that they don’t have food agression issues. You can fill their bowl and place it at their feet, and they won’t eat until they are given the signal.
    and, our little rat terrier/chihuahua mix is also GREAT at agility events. Our kids trained her.
    So, we’re really happy with their training because we did it!
    Hope this helps you!

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    I have 12 dogs. All of mine have either basic or advanced obedience. Some have basic or advanced agility training. Some have done tracking. Two are working in Rally. A few of them also know a variety of tricks. We compete in conformation, obedience, agility and rally, would like to try tracking and field. I do the training myself, but I like to go to classes to keep me motivated, plus there’s always something new to learn. I love working with my dogs, it enhances our relationship.

  4. Madame M

    )-: You’re going to be so disappointed in my puppies. Two are two years old, one is at least 13, and the other is a stray who just came to our house a few months ago. They come when called, they sit, they lay down, they dance, and they catch food in their mouths. And one reliably will shake hands. (-: They will do it in two languages, though!
    I would like to teach one of the two-year-olds how to play frisbee, but I think that’s enough. They bark at strangers naturally and they are nominally “guard dogs.” But I think it’s enough that they have friendly personalities, and don’t bite or jump up on people.
    We did the training ourselves with snacks and repition. I think all the dogs have Shiba in them, so they are smart dogs. My husband yells at them. I give a lot of praise, and scold when necessary. We both do the snack things. My husband’s way worked best when we were training the puppies not to chase bicycles, but for all the other training, I think my way was slightly more effective.
    (We got the dogs — or rather, kept the dogs — for the kids, to scare off robbers, and just basically show the family love.)

  5. Rina

    My dog has the basics, and can sit, stay, down, down/stay, and come off leash.
    Spice is a miniature long haired Dachshund, she’s eight now and we’re positive she remembers her training (we took her to an obedience class way back when) it’s whether she WANTS to do her training ;D
    She’s also a very protective dog, if anybody comes to the door she immediately starts barking (not a welcoming bark either lol)
    I love the training we got for her, it wasnt forceful and it also helped that she won first place in the little competition they had =P

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