What would the affect be in the world if all the fleas were eliminated? The affect can be either a good thing or a bad thing.


  1. jc

    I can’t find a single thing about fleas( which make my life a living hell btw) that would give them any importance in our biological system.
    All they do is cause misery and disease.
    Here’s and article about fleas.
    It seems to be the only interesting thing about them is how they have the ability to create a new specie of a flea.
    Meantime, being in Florida, I have to deal with them all year round.
    One of my cats if highly allergic and no matter what I do, you can never get rid of them
    As soon as you think you did, they reappear.
    My house looks like the Salt Flats ( salt and borax work the best in the house). To add to my misery, I have rugs( a great breeding place for thre little SOBS.
    I HATE THEM!http://fleasoftheworld.byu.edu/index2.ht…

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