I have a 9 month old full bred German Shepherd and she already weighs 90 pounds. I need a really good trainer who specializes in big dogs in Massachusetts. Any ideas?


  1. Runs with Scissors

    I would go to the AKC website: http://www.akc.org and do a search for obedience clubs inyour area- I think the obedience clubs generally have a better track record than some of your “chain” schools.

  2. Freddie

    I’d say youtube is haha
    take a look at some video-lessonshttp://en.teachme.tv/category/72/dog_tra…

  3. Nichole

    Do you have a Pet smart near you? I did their training and there were 2 German shepherds in my class that did very well. Only $99.

  4. Cindy F

    The basics of training a big dog is the same as training a small or medium dog…..size really doesn’t matter. Your best bet for training is your local obedience club since the trainers are club members and actually have experience in the ring. Since these groups are not for profit it will also cost you much less. You can locate one in your area at: http://www.akc.org/clubs/search/index.cf…
    Do not go to PetCo or PetSmart since they are much more expensive and most of their “trainers” have never titled a dog and don’t really know what is required.

  5. Mimi

    German Shepards are really smart dogs and wherever you go they should catch on pretty fast. Try Petco or Petsmart.

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