The fleas are horrible where we chain him at. When he’s in the house, he chews, and scratches, and rubs, and is just all out miserable. I know you can’t get rid of fleas from outside forever. But I jsut want to know if there’s a way to keep the fleas from being in his area.
He’s outside, because when we leave he chews and potty’s in the house, or when I’m cleaning, he can’t be around the products I use. Or he just needs some fresh air!
No smart @SSes either. I get enough of that when I’m answering stupid questions, and at home. I don’t need it here. I want serious answers only!


  1. cfisher4

    Yup. Get some lavendar oil and sprinkle drops around the area. You can also put a few drops on your hands and rub them together and then rub your hands all over the dog. Be sure to do this to their dog bed too because if they are on him, they are in his bed. I suppose you could get lavendar flowers and crush them and sprinkle them around there as well.

  2. Jennifer S

    I was always told that the best way to get fleas out of carpeting is by vacuuming it. I recently started vacuuming my lawn, and it seems to get rid of the fleas.
    Here is what you will need:
    a really long extension cord
    a standard household vacuum cleaner
    You can find the extension cords at Walmart. They usually keep them by the light fixtures in the household goods section, but if you can’t locate them, you can ask one of the customer service reps or a fellow shopper.

  3. Mamma M

    try giving your dog a bath at least once a week. I used the collar on my cat, and I really didn’t like it because it made him loose all of his fur. As far as getting rid of the fleas outside… if you can find out a secret to that I would love it. There is flea medicine at a lot of stores. If you can get your dog to stay in the bathtub for a little bit, I should help him a lot. (you don’t even have to have more than an inch of water in the tub). hope this helps, I hate to see animals suffer for things that nobody can control.

  4. blondcal

    i mean it this works: soak a huge couple a tea bags in lukewarm water and then wash your dogs in it for 20 min.

  5. Harley

    There are sprays you can use on the yard that aren’t toxic once they dry. You will have to spray once a week until you break the cycle. Start spraying from the house outward into your yard. Otherwise, you’ll herd the fleas straight into your house.
    You can also use an aromatic in the dog’s area like mint or lavender (which are non toxic to dogs), or eucalyptus leaves (which are toxic so be sure they are not in the dog’s reach) sprinkled around. Fleas don’t like the smell and will tend to stay away.
    Head for the vet’s office and buy a once-a-month flea treatment that is applied to the back of the neck. This will give your dog the relief he deserves.

  6. dragonla

    Go to the vet, and get a product called Frontline it is a little package of medicine that you put on the back, at the neck and on the top of the tail. Let him be he will take care of the rest. I use this on my dog and it gets rid of the fleas. It won’t make them go away forever but it does make your dogs world a lot more bearable. It has to be applied once a month.

  7. risla

    Fleas are a major pest. There are various species of fleas – cat fleas, dog fleas, rat fleas and rabbit fleas.
    You can get rid of them by the safest and cheapest methods like boric acid.
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  8. vomdeitr

    There are several products on the market to treat your yard. Some are chemical, and some are more natural.
    After treating the yard, you need to not only treat the dog, but every nook and cranny in your house. You would be amazed where fleas get to.
    I would also invest in a crate….that way, if the weather is bad, he can stay inside….he won’t poop or chew in his crate (if properly trained).

  9. wez

    Dont bath him for a few weeks,he will stink so badly,the fleas will have no choice but to pack up their bags and leave your doggy alone

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