Our kittens have brought in fleas! (They rarely go outside, but one of them must have managed to pick them up on one of his escapes.) We’re treating them with Advantage, but I’ve noticed the fleas have infested my living room and at least two of our bedrooms.
What’s the best method to get rid of them? I’d ideally like something with low toxicity (I hate the idea of spraying pesticides in the house, though I realize it might be necessary) but high effectiveness.


  1. It's spring! It's spring

    My vet suggested vacuuming the carpet and then re-vacuuming it about 10-15 minutes later. The movement attracts them to the surface.
    I don’t know if this is true or not, but if the Advantage kills the fleas so they no longer have a meal ticket, won’t the fleas eventually die off?

  2. anthonyr

    When my animals had fleas I used frontline plus to treat them, that is similar to advantage so that’s good.
    You need to treat all your animals at the same time, and wash anything they sleep on in hot soapy water to kill the eggs. That should eventually get rid of them, Killing the eggs is really important to stop them from being able to grow and breed more.
    Good luck

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    I bought Sentry home flea & tick spray from the vet. I didn’t know if I had an infestation & only used it once & kept all animals out for 48 hours…though the can say’s it’s safe for pet bedding, I wouldn’t go there with any pet to be on the safe side . Any home flea spray with chemicals scares the sh** outta me !!! Advantage is a great product & will help treat the environment when fleas jump on the animals & die. In the pet areas I used table salt on the carpet liberally for 24 hours & vacuumed ( no pets allowed while in use), it helps to dry out the eggs & larvae.I don’t know your climate but eggs, larvae, fleas don’t live in temp. of 40 or below. Could you open windows & keep pets out & chill the room one by one overnight? Clean out your vacuum bag outside after each use & vacuum 2-3 times a day. I used a white vinegar & water solution for flooring. If you do go with a chemical, go with what vet clinics & hospitals use or recommend. All the best

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