I don’t want my dog running from me when it is time to put him in the lot. I also don’t want him confused when he comes to me and I have to punish him. I want him to learn “come/here” when it is time to be put up or to be punished. Will it confuse him to use that command for both? He does pretty good about coming to me except when we are outside and he knows it is time to go in the lot and he has gotten better at coming to me when he know he has done wrong. I just want to know the best way to handle both situations. I have been using treats by saying stay, come, sit. Thanks!


  1. shooting

    Mostly i would say watch your tone of voice. Dogs have extremely good senses. My dog knows how i say her name if i am mad or just saying come here. Sound playful if you want him to come. Treats is a very good way. Just keep it up. WATCH YOUR TONE. thats the best thing i can tell you. Good luck with your dog!

  2. bacon

    Its the way u look at him and the tone of ur voice.When he is being bad lower ur voice and when he is being good smile at him and use a higher pitch sound and tell him good dog.And b patient he will figure it out.

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