One of my cats recently gave birth to a batch of four healthy kittens, but the only problem is the large amount of fleas on every one of them. Is there or is there not a safe method to remove the fleas from them, and keep them off?


  1. Qatie

    The safest way is to treat the mother with a product from your vet approved for use during lactation, like Frontline Plus. Flea combing the kittens once or twice a day should remove the rest that are not killed on the mom. Since Frontline lasts for a month, this will help keep the fleas from coming back.
    If the problem does not get better, you should take the kittens to the vet for help. Some vets can safely modify the dose of other flea products for use in young kittens.
    I would not advise baths of any sort. Very young kittens get chilled too easily when they are wet. And a bath won’t do any more good than flea combing. (You wouldn’t want to use a flea shampoo on kittens that young, and dish soap only washes the fleas away – it doesn’t kill them at all.)
    If you are ever in this situation again, the ideal situation is to start treating the mother cat for fleas while she is pregnant. This keeps the kittens from ever being exposed to fleas in the first place.

  2. Jade

    you can’t put topical remedies on kittens until they are at least six weeks of age. if they are over three weeks then the safest thing to do is wash them in dawn dish soap flea comb them and make sure they are very dry as they cannot maintain their own body heat yet. if they are under three weeks then all you can do is use a flea comb. I called my vet when my 3 day old kittens had them very bad and they had me give a dose of frontline and the momma cat a half dose, with the kittens being so close to mommy it will keep the fleas off of them. The vet told me that frontline is safe for mother cats but to use a half dose just to be extra cautious. hope i helped. good luck!

  3. Rayen

    Yes, but with newborn kittens, it can be dangerous. I would not use anything you can buy at the store. There are very good solutions, like Advantage and Frontline, but you need to get them from the vet, and your vet will tell you how soon you can use them. Don’t take any chances. Cats are very sensitive to medications. The mother cat will clearly need some help in this area too. And you’ll need to get her to the vet as soon as the vet says it’s time, so YOU CAN HAVE HER SPAYED! There are far too many unwanted kittens in the world already. PLEASE. Be a responsible pet owner. Get the whole family to the vet soon. And make sure this litter is her last.

  4. brringi

    for keeping them off i find advantage to be the best product
    you need to call a vet to ask how much of the smallest vial you can use on kittens of your age
    as far as getting them off
    it is time consuming
    get a small bowl of rubbing alcohol and buy a flea comb at your local pet shop
    comb each kitten and when you comb out a flea dip the comb or put the flea in the bowl of alcohol to kill it
    i like to do the combing outside on the porch with the kitten in my lap
    the escaping fleas wont land somewhere in my house then
    my new kitten from the shelter is named sylar
    hes a ballsy little one alright

  5. asap travel

    i took a sick kitten to the vet last week and he said they put alittle of something on the kitten but did not recommend that we do it with the rest of the litter. He said the best way is to just pick them off that way the kitten is safe. I know it sounds hard to do but i did it, you just have to care enough to sit and pick fleas off.

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