Are they ever too young or too old to learn?


  1. Truth Hurts, Doesn't It?

    Technically pups start “learning” the moment they are born. They have to learn to wiggle around for food, they have to learn how to nurse, etc (though most of it is just a matter of instinct kicking in at the right time!)
    As for training, you can start as soon as you get your pup. Eight weeks is around the time to start potty training, and obedience or manners can be tied in there as well. My girl was enrolled in puppy class at three months and we haven’t stopped training since! My last dog was learning new things right on up until she died at eleven years old.
    Never too early or too late to work with a dog.

  2. nonyabiz

    I usually try to start around 2 months but only for 10 to 15 minutes at a time for tricks or for working on basic skills like coming when called. For everything else (like basic manners, no jumping, no food aggression, no biting) every opportunity to reward your dog for good behavior and discourage bad behavior should be taken – I find these behaviors are an everyday reminder that you just need to stay consistent with to train.

  3. rach

    Breeders usually start at 6 weeks and then let the puppies go to new homes at 8 weeks and hopefully the new owners start training right away. Dogs are never too old to learn. The younger the better because they haven’t formed bad habits. I’d say it’s easier to form new habits rather than break old ones then learn new ones.

  4. Sorted Details

    My puppy was only a few weeks old when I started training him.
    Something in training I find useful.. (I’m always thinking of the ‘what ifs’) You can train your dog to recognize hand commands, so that if.. There is, uh, I dunno, a zombie epidemic..(>.>) your voice wont give away your location. o.o
    ….Yeah, you can say it. I’m crazy.
    P.S. A dog is probably a bad thing to have during a zombie epidemic.
    *EDIT* Nah, I’ve been Zombie PREPARED(Psh, paranoid.) for a very long time. ^^

  5. Wordpress Autoblogging Software

    Any where from about two months on up. Give the pup some chance to get to know you first. then start out with some basics(sit, stay, good dog etc.).
    Make sure that the person doing the training is aware of the different problems with different breeds
    Consider getting a copy of “Marley and Me”

  6. Michi C

    A couple of weeks is fine, as long as the dog show some signs of playfulness. You can start to train the dog.

  7. Bella <3

    The moment they come home is the best time to start! You can teach an old dog new tricks–and training a puppy can start as early as 8 weeks.
    Good Luck!

  8. Mommy of 5

    As soon as you bring the dog home and it has become comfortable around you. The longer you wait the harder it is.

  9. Reece Braveheart Aussies

    As early as 6 weeks, and with patience any age after. Patience for any age really, lol

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