I need some real ideas for training a dog not to bark all the time too if anyone can help with that. Thanks!


  1. Weimaraner Mom

    Start with treats, then slowly wean the treats and replace with praise.
    If the dog is barking all the time you need to figure out why, dogs bark because they are frustrated and the only way to reduce the frustration is to bark. Is your dog getting enough exercise? Dogs shouldn’t bark without purpose, ie warning you someone is at the door, or approachign the house but non stop barking is a sign of frustration or he’s been reinforced for doing this so he keeps it up.
    A lot of exercise will reduce the amount of barking, but the training of the word “quiet” will help, however, if your dog is a frustrated barker this technique will not work.

  2. A-Train

    . Dogs that spend most of their time in the backyard or in the house probably need an exercise outlet. Even if your yard is large, dashing around it in circles is not the equivalent of exercise and interaction. Take your dog for a long walk, or head to the park for a change of scenery and a game of fetch.
    Bring your dog into the house when you’re home. It’s important that he feels he’s part of the family and is loved. Develop a relationship with him through play and fun.
    Dogs are social creatures. Take your dog to the same park daily or weekly and let him make doggy friends. Dogs romping around together tire easily and sleep soundly.
    First, teach your dog that barking is okay until he is told to “Be quiet.” Each time your dog barks, command him to “Be quiet.” Simultaneously, hold a treat in front of your dog’s nose. Most dogs get quiet immediately because they can’t sniff and lick the treat while barking at the same time.
    Praise your dog continuously during his quiet time with petting and words of encouragement.
    After three seconds of no barking, let him have the treat. As you continue with your training, increase the amount of time you require him to be quiet before giving the treat.
    When your dog makes a mistake and barks (and he will) reprimand him immediately. Never strike your dog, but do something that will catch his attention, such as clapping loudly or squirting water in his face. As soon as your dog stops barking, you must instantly reward him.
    Don’t expect overnight miracles from a dog that�s been barking for months. It may take weeks to replace an old habit with a new one. If you keep up with the training, you will see a new pattern develop. Instead of barking relentlessly at the insignificant, your dog will bark appropriately and for a reasonable length of time.
    Until you have retrained your dog about the appropriateness of barking, he should be confined to a place where he will cause the least disturbance. Shut your doors and windows and leave a television on to mask noises that might provoke your dog from the street. You may also want to shut off the telephone and doorbell if these set off a barking spree.

  3. amyjp612---RIP Triana

    I prefer praise. Praise is easy to give, and it’s always with you.
    If you train with treats (as most people do), you need to make sure NOT to treat EVERY time the dog does the trick/action. If you treat the dog every time, they learn they get food, Great. However, when you take away the food and just want them to do the trick, they won’t. Studies have shown that giving a treat intermittently when the dog does a trick is the best method to go with. The dog never knows when they will get a treat, so they are eager to do it and please you, and they will continue to do the trick unlike the “all the time treat dogs”, who will quit on it because they don’t get anything anymore.

  4. Andrew P

    Dogs want you to be happy, and the best way to reward a dog is with praise. However, I also use something in addition to priase.
    If you teach your dog some tricks, and he is really starting to get them all, take him for a nice long walk somewhere.
    Dogs love walks, especially with someone they know and trust, it is a very pack thing to do. When I was teaching my puppy to sit, and he understood it in the house, I took him for a walk, tried to teach him ‘sit’ again, and it was like teaching him all over. However, once I incorporated exercise with his training, he got it all very quickly.
    Hope this helps.

  5. noitall Yorkshire England (U.K.)

    The form of reward that works best depends on the “drive” of your dog some are highly interested in food others are more interested in other things, See linkhttp://www.canismajor.com/dog/drives.htm…
    However the problem you have with barking lends itself to reward with food, as you require to reward him when he is quiet, it is is difficult to bark and eat at the same time, engineer a situation where he will usually bark, tell him to be quiet whilst at the same time removing the stimulus to bark and simultaneously showing food, give the food when and only when he is quiet.

  6. Video Games

    you need to look at why he is barking all the time his he left out back ,or bar king at people passing your home is it a protection thing orbored emm,i know someone who has a dog she lives on the main road,the dog use to get quite anxiousd when people were passing he would be barking so it was as simple as tilting the blinds in the window so he couldnt see the people pass by all the time he stoped being so jumpy and barking all the time if its not that when he does bark for no reason a firm no distract him sit him by you praise him when he stops if he starts again a shh and good boy he will learn good luck

  7. Emmalee

    Both work, but when my dog does something I’ve taught him not to do (such as lick at his leg where he’s had surgery) I praise him out the butt. He adores the attention and he keeps up the good behavior. Keep in mind that praise is something you can always give, but you may not always have that treat! (:
    Good luck!

  8. george

    i have always used food and a verbal to go with it, like “good boy”.
    i have just got my own dog (not a family dog), she is a kooikerhondje she loves food and i cant train her very well with food, verbal is best for her.
    clicker training is the best, they say to train your dog to bark on command and then you can teach them not to bark.
    my kooikerhondje used to bark a lot, but i just say “no” and once she stops, i say “good girl” and and give her a fuss, but don’t hype them up because they will back more.
    it takes a while, but stay calm and don’t ever let your dog get away with barking.

  9. ξBindi§

    I use both. When teaching a new behavior I use food along with praise. As the dog learns the behavior I start cutting out the treats.
    Food is a primary reinforcer, which is why it works so well. http://www.clickertraining.com
    I also use life rewards, such as a game of tug, getting to sniff that bush, or whatever the dog enjoys doing.

  10. ANF

    Watching the police train their dogs they only give praise but the only treat they ever get is a tennis ball. This is used as a treat as it does not make food the important thing in the need to do well. You would need to have food with you always if a food treat is the way you do it.

  11. stickywi

    food and something of high value.
    mine will do anything for food but work better if the treat is something like dried liver or meaty.
    cheese and small chunks of hot dogs do well too just remember to make allowances with their meals so they dont get fat.
    but also lots of praise

  12. Anonymous

    Dogs LOVE praise!! Its the best way in my opinion to train, to use positive reinforcement. Treats are great, but dogs really love your attention and praise, so I would definitely concentrate more on that.

  13. christin

    If it is a puppy or ur just beginning the training use both to encourage him/her but gradually move to the praise and every so often give them a treat.

  14. TonyDon'

    Both. But ask yourself what you prefer at work.
    1. fat bonus cheque or
    2. pat on the back
    You decide what is a stronger motivator 🙂

  15. April

    Both actually it helps them associate what your doing or theyre doing with a good thing. just make sure the treats are small.

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