I am wanting to train my 9 month old Dachshund proper conformation. I am still learning the basics but I can’t seem to find where to purchase a lead. I’d also like some tips on gait training and basic conformation training. Thanks.


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    You can find many types & style of show leads at a dog show. Look up shows on your AKC or CKC etc website. Make sure your dog is accomstomed to having his teeth & testicles handled, even ask a neighbour to do it. The stack is very important, have him stand still, use the word “stand’ so he knows & correct him when he mvoes. Place front feet in position first, then back ones. Correct him with ‘stand’ if he moves them. To properly gait him keeping his head up is key, place the lead up high behind the ears & turn the ring so it is under his right ear, this will help to keep his head up as he gaits. keep it very light & fun, talk to him as you lead. Practice stacking him wiht another dog nearby, he has to learn to pay no attention to other dogs. You practice taking longer steps, short choppy steps will make your dog’s gait short & choppy. You want long smooth steps. Go early to shows, 60mins before you show time to get your dog used to the smells of the place. Whenever there is an empty ring, take advantage by doign a few practice runs. DOn;t be intimidated by the pros, everyone starts somewhere. Your local kennel club usually offeres handling classes.

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