I need pigeons for training my 2 lab puppies…. hunting season is coming soon and they have no bird experience so far.


  1. Nick Fury

    We train with Quail around here. Quail are pretty readily available through all kinds of mail order. Also go to a local feed store and ask who sells and raises birds. Somebody comes in there and buys feed if they are raising game birds.

  2. CIH(Ret)

    First of all, it is very illegal to use live birds to train dogs in most, if not all, states. It’ll get you into a lot of trouble that you don’t need. A friend of mine in Texas trapped some of the pidgeons in the town where they lived and was using them to train his dogs. Someone found out about it and turned him in. I don’t know how much it cost him but it must have been plenty because he had to get a loan to pay it. Most people that I know of, simply save a wing from a bird that they have hunted and use that to train the pups.

  3. Larry A

    you can check in your yellow pages or phone directory for people that sell pidgeons also there are a number of quail farms you can call and check with about using quail, i found that the best thing for training when i did it was to keep several birds i killed the year before frozen and use them the following years there are also some people that will sell you pen raised ducks to use

  4. here about mortgage in Spain

    Well, you if you’re looking for pigeons, if there’s any big city around, you could just set up traps to catch them. I’m sure that would make the city people happy, even though using alive animals for training is wrong in my opinion, but what other choice is there? You could also just search “dog training pigeons for sale in [enter city or state name]” to find some people that raise pigeons just for training dogs, or get in touch with a local pigeon fancier to see if they have any mixed breeds they don’t want. If I was going to train my dogs, I’d just use quail, since there’s hundreds of places to buy quail ready to shoot all over the place.
    Good luck
    – Becky

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