I want to learn a positive approach to dog training I can do myself.


  1. 茶 ŘǺŴ ΡσώΣŖ 茶

    Well I just downloaded….
    Dog Training For Dummies
    Puppies For Dummies
    Dog Grooming For Dummies
    Through vuze by just searching what you asked.

  2. Ridwan I

    In my opinion the best e-book so far that I found on the web regarding dog training is secrets to dog training.
    It will teach you how to train your dog like a professional trainer, so you can have your dog obey you no matter what the situation and solve any specific problems that you may have with your dog – this is truly cutting-edge material!
    Over 63,997 dog owners worldwide, just like you, have used this unique course to fast-track their dogs learning, while having loads of fun in the process. To see what “Secrets to Dog Training: Stop Dog Behavior Problems!” can do for you, in just 3 easy steps.

  3. DeeDawg

    oh god NOT the dog whisperer. unless you believe it’s ok to intimidate dogs through hitting, kicking, and hanging.
    anyone who recommends the dog whisperer has watched the TV show and knows NOTHING about the actual training behind the scenes.
    try leerburg.com . ed frawley is a very knowledgeable guy and has answered many questions for me over the years.
    i’d love to have one of his dogs, too, but i don’t compete.

  4. Jeff D

    I agree, not the dog whisperer, people see the show and get all jacked up about that nonsense, well I have news for them: 24, Lost and Santa Clause are fake too. I’ve never seen an Ebook format, but “good owners, great dogs” is an amazing book, and you can pick it up for like ten bucks (cheap in comparison to the first thing your puppy chews). Good luck!

  5. MDT

    You can visit my site. There are links on the left of the home page to some excellent e-books. I really recommend those.

  6. Incredib

    probably the dog whisperer. but my dogs are awful little guys and could care less about training lol. i love them though

  7. eastwood

    None. Watch the Dog Whisperer. Hes the best in the world at understanding and training Dogs..You can buy his DVD of his tv show..
    DEE DAWG AND JEFF DEE YOUR TALKING THROUGH YOUR A**. His success speaks for itself and your typical of the negative morons who knock everything that is positive in the World..,

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