Our 8mo old puppy seems to have a very short attention span. We take her out on a leash to “potty” and if there is anything or anybody else around, she is distracted and does nothing. It can be a bird, a car, a person, or just sniffing in the wind. She has learned to obey the “sit” and “shake” (offers a paw) commands. Has not learned “down” or “stay”. We think she is “ADHD”. Any suggestions?


  1. mrs.izab

    Puppies like babies have short attention span. But you are wise to consider obedience training. Look for trainer who is an animal behaviorist and you should be fine no matter who you choose. Call your local vet office to see if they can recommend one. I would stay away from PetSmart. I’ve seen the way they train and it is not the best.
    I got both my dogs trained when they were puppies. I brought them every Saturday for an hour and it was great. I learned a lot. And depending on what kind of dog you have, you may really really need the training. I have 2 miniature schnauzers, which are smart stubborn dogs.

  2. kibbi21

    Depending where you are at there are many training facilities but you have to think this is a puppy and most young animals even humans have short attention spans when they are young try a Pet Smart they are good and reasonable but if you want a tip get a book and also depending on the type of dog he may always be like that I have a six year old huskey that has no attention span at all so I know the feeling but maybe he will catch on.

  3. irisheye

    Cesar Milan. If you want to be amazed, watch his show “The Dog Whisperer” which is on The National Geographic cable channel. This man can help any dog and its owner. Run don’t walk.

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