I know that they are pests but I do not see where they fit on a food chain, hence, why their exsistance. Do they have any natural predetors that could be unleashed to destroy the whole species?!!!Mosquitoes suck but fleas are the worst!


  1. extton

    It’s common for us to ask “why” something exists, but in a natural ecology, the question of purpose is largely irrelevent.
    Fleas do not exist because they have a specific purpose: they exist because they can. They found and filled a particular niche in the ecology – that is, riding on mammals and sucking their blood.
    As for their natural predators, you’d best be able to find an answer on http://www.wikipedia.com.

  2. RedHeadP

    Not to be rude, but who cares why? The main prority is to get rid of the fleas before you wind up on their food list, too!
    Once you get fleas in your house, it’s takes “forever” to get rid of them so take action now while you can.
    I use Revolution on my cats and Advantage on my dog.

  3. elemenop

    they are parasites– all parasites have their own little food chain
    the only predator i see right now is that flea medicide– not much they can do about THAT!

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