Can’t they see the fleas? Or are fleas so microscopic that they can’t see them? My friend’s dog has fleas because she saw one but didn’t see anymore, then her other dog had “one” on her but when I went on here people said if there is one, there are tons more.My friend says her dogs do not have fleas, they just had one. So is my friend in denial or can you not see fleas?? Oh and I saw small black bugs on her walls and she laughed at me and said they weren’t fleas because fleas can’t fly. Is it true they can’t fly?


  1. Elden

    Naturally, people deny things which are unacceptable to them. Studies show that the brain somehow rejects thoughts which are unpleasing to the mind. In your friend’s case, she is telling you that her dogs don’t have fleas because she doesn’t want her dogs to have fleas. It’s psychological! Now, if you really want to convince her that her dogs have fleas then the first thing you should do is to show her proofs. ( that’s a hard thing though, because were talking about fleas ) Anyway, as for your questions about fleas ( still ) if they can fly or not, well, your friend is right. Fleas really don’t fly but they jump high and far.
    Hope that helps…

  2. Ale

    Some people don’t like to admit they may be”imperfect”. Its the same as if your kid had lice or something… no body wants to admit that themselves or other things may not be perfect. Its a pride thing.
    They do not fly but they do jump.
    It is possible for a dog to have “one flea” but very unlikely. I would maybe buy her a flea collar… as a friendly suggestion 😀

  3. Calvin- Sweet as Butter

    People are oddities.
    They don’t want to admit something is wrong with them/somebody in their family/their friends/their pet, etc.
    They may not want to spend the money to fix the problem, so they ignore it.
    And I’m not sure if fleas can or can’t fly.

  4. LabbieLo

    Yes, you can see fleas. and no they cant fly but they do jump…wow those fleas must be really bad if they are on the walls….

  5. xXxPRINC

    My dog has fleas right now…and I don’t care who knows it. It doesn’t mean that my dog is dirty or I don’t take care of her…I’m actually trying to get rid of them right now, too. I do believe that she got them from my mom’s dog, when my dog had to go to my mom’s for 4 days. She didn’t have fleas before she went there….but she came home with fleas. I asked her if she had fleas…she said no, but I don’t believe her. Yeah, on pets with dark fur, they are hard to see…but a dead give away is excessive scratching and biting. And the last time I was there, she was scratching almost the whole time.
    Whenever I look at my dog’s tummy…where the fleas usually hang out…I might only see one, maybe two. But that doesn’t mean that those are the only ones. Where there’s one, there’s possibly hundreds…depending on how long you’ve let it go without doing anything about it. There are probably fleas all through their house, on their dog’s beds/sleeping areas, the people beds, couches…everywhere.
    You’re friend is in denial. She probably thinks that people will think bad of her if she says…my dog has fleas. But it’s probably the most common thing dogs get, next to worms. If the little black bugs you saw on the walls were like little specks, then they probably were fleas. If they were bigger, than it could possibly be roaches. Especially if their flea probably has gotten so bad that you see fleas on the walls. No, they can’t fly, but they can jump like crazy. I’ve seen fleas on my dogs tummy, jump and then just disappear to nowhere. Oh, and you most certainly can see fleas…they aren’t microscopic.
    If you’ve got a dog, check it all over. If you see what looks like black pepper, especially above the tail, your dog most likely has fleas. Give it a bath, vacuum the entire house and wash all the dogs bedding. That works to get rid of fleas, most of the time, anyways. It didn’t work for me this time, but I’m trying some other methods to get rid of them before I have to go and spend 40-50 bucks on flea stuff.
    Sorry for this being so long.

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