I have used frontline, k9 advantix and sprayed my house and yard and pens and there are still Fleas.


  1. raebelk

    I have tried Frontline and Advantix with my dogs, but neither of them worked…the only thing that actually worked was a regular flea collar… I put one on each pet and they stopped scratching after about 3 days… just be careful, some of those things you have mentioned shouldn’t be used at the same time…so make sure you are reading labels and only using 1 treatment at a time.

  2. Dan J

    I had a friend whose Black Lab never got fleas… He told me that he puts a spoonful of tomato sauce in the dog’s food every day and that prevents the dog from getting fleas… Worth a try!
    If your house/apt. is infested though… you might have to use a flea bomb… Any pet store will have them. Make sure that you closely follow all directions.

  3. bon b

    You should get the stuff from the vet that kills the fleas. Another poster is right, the OTC stuff doesn’t work. You have to make sure to treat your house as well. That includes washing EVERYTHING the cat was in contact with. Make sure you spray any carpeted areas thoroughly. If you can’t wash something, put in it a plastic bag.
    Your first step is to vacuum vacuum vacuum! Vacuum your entire house paying particular attention to holes for the larvae. They love to hide in dark places, under furniture, beds, pet beds, rugs. Put the nozzle attachment on your vacuum cleaner and thoroughly vacuum around all skirting boards and edges of fixtures.
    Try to keep in mind that you are vacuuming up flea eggs, flea larvae and flea pupae. You can’t see them but they are there. It is important to vacuum up the pupae because they are not affected by insecticides.
    Vacuuming causes vibrations which stimulates pupae to emerge and thus be vacuumed up.
    When you have finished vacuuming dispose of the vacuum bag completely if you have disposable bags in your cleaner. I have heard that people will put a flea collar in the vacuum bag to make sure they’re dead.
    Remember only about 5% of all the fleas are on the animal, so, make sure you take care of the rest of them. Do it on the same day you treat your cat, or they’ll just get reinfested.
    Good Luck, it’s a horrible job!!

  4. rifleman

    A flea bomb. It’s a can of flea poison that you put in the center of a room and set off. It gasses the place, so make sure anything alive is out of the room. I took in a stray one day, and started gettting bit almost right off the bat. I took the dog to be dipped, and set off the bomb. Worked like a charm. I’m guessing you can find a local spot to get one by checking the ‘net. Don’t forget to dip all the dogs. Good luck getting rid of them boogers. Ciao!

  5. Chetco

    After breeding dogs for the past 38 years, I too am amazed at the effectiveness of REVOLUTION.
    You have to get it from your vet. some vets require heartworm testing first, but many don’t, so call around.
    I would most certainly use REVOLUTION. It prevents heartworm, fleas, ear mites, mange mites, roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and many other parasites. It is safe for pups and adults,
    , and applies as drops to the back of the neck.
    as the product is still new, vets are encouraged to give the first treatment for free..so it won’t hurt to ask around..

  6. pjnickle

    Don’t sleep with lying dogs?
    Flea baths, powder, collars and a shot.
    Keep the grass cut around your property. Don’t let the dog walk, run, do it’s business in tall weeds. Fleas just love to hide there waiting for a ride.
    The ground is infested with flea egge and larvae. Several applications of some insecticide days apart to catch the differing stages after hatching ought to do the trick.

  7. Heavy Metal Fonts

    it is time to talk to your vet and have your house and yard done by professionals..
    you can get sick from being bit and so can you animals.
    so it sounds like time to call the professionals and have it done once and for all
    good luck

  8. trickeyy

    I used this flea repelent that i got from petco and it really worked on my dog. And for the house theres this spray at lowes that gets rid of ALL the fleas.

  9. Best Smartphone Software

    yes!! continue to use Frontline
    continue to spray your yard with pesticide, just don’t let your dogs out for the recommended time.
    then, use Fleabusters in your house on your carpet. i swear this is the best stuff i have ever used. Fleabusters contains Borax which dissolves the flea’s shell and the eggs too. in about 2 weeks you won’t have any live fleas or eggs in your home. do the dog’s bedding too. it is not dangerous like pesticides are.
    here’s the site
    i have used it once in 3 years and still no fleas in my home.

  10. troubled

    There are pills you can get from the vet that will kill all the fleas on the dog for twenty four hours. Then put advantix on. Do once a month for three months. Huge difference!

  11. Help

    You must kill the flea and eggs they lay before you can get rid of them.Try bathing your pet in the Dawn Dish washing liquid to kill the fles on it and apply the Advantage once a month.Respray you lawn often ,as eggs will hatch out therefore causing fleas again.Pretty soon you will break the cycle.

  12. Rosie

    talk to your vet for treating the pet – i found Raid Flea Killer PLUS works well on carpet, bedding and areas – it comes in a purple can (may be blue) you want the one that says plus – it kills larve and eggs. most only kill the adult flea, so in 7 days when a new batch hatches, you are startng all over again
    good luck – they are little devils to get rid of

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