Our dog has our house full of fleas!All 4 of our children have flea bites all over their bodies.Including my husband which has flea bites over 95% of his body! I have bought 3 different flea house sprays.None seemed to have worked.Also what to put on my family to get rid of their bites?I’ve been using benadryl cream and neosporin for the open bites they’ve scratched.Please help! Thank you!


  1. jo j

    No name brand surface spray works well inside. As does crunchy crawly spray ( are you in Australia?).
    You will need to fork out money to overcome this problem.
    You will need to treat the dogs ASAP to stop the breeding cycle.
    The flea bombs do work if you use them as directed and get the correct amount for your size house. They wont help if the dogs still have fleas though as the fleas will just reenter the house.
    Malwash is in a tin in the pet section of the supermarket, it stinks to high heaven but is about the only thing that will work on the dogs and the backyard and the pet sleeping areas. It is good value. $8 tin will last ages as you dilute it 30mls to 2L water.
    The top of the range flea products that you put on their skin monthly, I found useless. Flea collars are useless as is flea powder and flea shampoo.
    You wont get rid of the bites that are already on the skin, they will go as they heal. Open bites need to be treated with an antiseptic.
    you could try RID or another insect repellent in the meantime for on everyones skin.
    Fleas carry diseases, this is one of those situations where you need to fork out the $ no matter how much it hurts.
    They will not go otherwise.
    From experience, I’d advise the flea bombs for the house. Surface spray for the house, dog drench solution for the dog and it’s sleeping areas outside.
    good luck

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    i had this problem not long ago!!!
    spray the dogs surroundings with white king bleach and i also used surface spray(black & gold) on the carpets.
    calamine lotion works best on the bites, heels them pretty quick & stops the itch. grab a flee n tick collar..
    hope this is of help………….

  3. Jerri p

    i would suggest lime. i had that problem b4 and i put down lime inside and outside my house it seemed to help me

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