I live in Boston MA, And I really want to train dogs I’ve heard stories that people have been training since they were 7. I’m 12 could we hook something up? Like is there anything I can do maybe a website I could make so you could send me your training questions and I’d answer back.
I’m in the process of getting a puppy I have to wait until about April or May.


  1. tara1427

    Getting started in dog training at an early age is a fantastic thing to do. You can most certainly start at 12 years old, as I’m 24 and started training at 19! Starting younger can only set you up to learn more at a younger age and be up to date on current training practices at a younger age than most people even consider dog training!
    I live in Providence, RI, so I’m not that far from you and I remember what it was like starting out. If I were you, I would find dog training businesses that focus on positive reinforcement training practices and see if you could possibly considered as an assistant or see if they have an internship program. If not, the best thing you can do is learn more about dogs by volunteering at your local animal shelter. Animal shelters love having young kids helping out with their dogs and it’s a great way for you to get comfortable around all breeds and ages of dogs.
    Also, feel free to contact me personally if you’d like any other information, I’d love to help 🙂
    Tara Valletta, Owner & Operator

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