I have an active German Shepherd puppy and I was told to take him to a puppy class. Anyone know of a good place?


  1. Colin M

    Depends on what you want to do with your dog.
    You sound like a first time dog owner. If you just want to socialize your puppy, make sure he deals well with other dogs, etc., then just about any training will do. Petsmart, Twin Cities Obedience Training Center, Burnsville, Animal Inn.
    However if you think you want to do dog sports like flyball or agility, or you want to work in obedience, then without a doubt Animal Inn in Lake Elmo is it. One of the trainers is the AKC agility director, and dogs from this school have excelled internationally in obedience and agility.
    The flyball team is the best in the region, and one of the best in the US/Canada. I’m not sure where you live, so it could be a bit of a drive, but worth it.
    Just a point… whatever you decide you absolutely must train your dog. It may be my own bias, but dogs really enjoy training and pleasing the “pack”. Not training them means not being able to stop them if they run into the street, or show agression, or can’t stop messing in the house, etc. Also, when they train, they find new ways to show their devotion in ways you understand.

  2. whpptwmn

    Animal Inn or TCOTC are the best in the area.
    Don’t go to Petsmart, their trainers are mostly clueless, and Petco isn’t much better. They only hire people who have never done it before and then just have them read a book/watch a video.

  3. Dovey

    Probably calling your favorite or largest pet store will put you onto a puppy training class. That’s great you love your dog so much!!
    I admire that!! Also keep an eye open to the classifieds since you live in such a big area. But use Yahoo Search and type in Puppy Training Twin Cities Area. Keep trying and you may hit on a good one. Check them out first too. Money is money and dog’s are love.
    Good Luck!! @8=)

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