I was sitting in my car for lunch today and a flea jumped on my arm. How can I tell if my cat (who is an indoor cat) has fleas?



  1. WP Robot

    It doesn’t matter whether they are indoor or outdoor. They can be tracked in by your shoes, socks, clothes, etc. Just use a fine toothed comb, and back comb their fur. You will see them if you look closely. Also, look for little black spots, that are often the eggs. The eggs can lay dormant for a year, and when they hatch, one single flea can lay hundreds or thousands of eggs. It is good to give your cat a topical treatment monthly. I use Revolution on my kitties. I would also recommend Frontline. You also have to treat your home, or the cycle will continue. They love carpet and curtains. I suggest vacuuming very well, then using a flea bomb or some kind of spray.
    Good Luck!

  2. Cat Lover

    She will scratch alot, and if you rub her fur backwards, you will see little black dots that look like fleas, but are actually flea poop, or flea “dirt”. You might even see a flea itself. Its teeny tiny, but it will move if its the actual flea.

  3. gpdoremi

    If your cat is scratching alot,then it probably has fleas.Even indoor pets get fleas…my cat does.I use Frontline and it does a pretty good job of getting rid of them.It’s always best to ask your vet first.

  4. Powered by Detroit

    you have to inspect their fur, and if he’s scratching himself a lot. I believe vets now have month-long treatments you can mix with food or drinking water

  5. plumbean

    U can look in the hair yourself. Other signs that your cat has fleas can be excessive scratching and biting.

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