What do you have to look for to see if they have fleas or not? Their skin always seems to be kind of red but i think thats from scratching so much.
And if they do have fleas, will bathing them help soothe it at all until i can get them flea medicine?


  1. Habiba

    If they had fleas you would be able to see the fleas running around in their fur. You will also see blackdots everywhere on their fur aka the flea poop. IF your ferret does have fleas the best thing and easiest thing you can do is use plain dawn blue dishwashing soap. make a tub of warm water and dawn, and you’ll see the fleas jumping for cover.
    But if you have to get some over the counter treatment you can use frontline, advantage and evolution.
    Don’t forget to wash all of their bedding etc afterwards though.

  2. crazychi

    well, if they are scratching so much that their skin is red that is a major sign of fleas, bathing may help but you need to get the medicine asap before they spread to you and your familt as well as your home

  3. jade r

    my ferrets skin seems to be red also i think its from play fighting and biting each other.
    when i want to see if my ferret has fleas i run a warm bath and soak my ferret for a few mins if theres fleas some will fall off into the water or run onto the ferrets head my ferret likes the water i think it soothes it.

  4. Marikayc

    you will be able to see the fleas they arent that small and they move around like crazy give them a flea bath if you find any on them and flea bomb your house and make sure what ever you use has a chemical called siphluteren (siphotrol) is a product that is great to kill fleas and ticks and is safe for your pets you can buy it at most vets or online at http://www.healthypet.com they haveit for $9 one can does 6,000 cubic feet but if they dont have fleas take them to the vet because there may be another reason for the red skin like allergies, or they may have mange but as for a flea prevention for your ferret i would talk with your vet before putting on anything and dont buy it from the pet store they arent always safe good luck

  5. bluemyst

    Hold your ferret and move the hair up so that you can see the skin, if they have fleas, you will see what looks like little specks that are moving. You do not want to dip or use a flea collar on your ferret. If your ferret does indeed have fleas, you can use a mild Kitten Flea shampoo and bathe them. You will also want to scrub out their cage, wash all their bedding and vacumn your whole house. Frontline for kittens can be used on the ferrets to help kill them but you will need to consult with your vet on the proper dosage.

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