My guinea has been itching her back and i don’t know what it is. How can I tell if your guinea pigs has fleas or ticks?


  1. Guinea Piggie

    Fleas you can see… they also leave behind poop which is like black powder. Ticks are huge.
    Mites is more common in guinea pigs, they arn’t visible. Check to see if there is any irritated, dry skin, any missing hair, etc.
    If left untreated it’s deadly so get to a vet if you suspect it.

  2. JuliaMon

    look through the guinea pig’s fur and look for little black round spots. You are looking for flea poop, because sometimes it can be dificult to spot fleas. If you notice this then your guinea pig has fleas

  3. Nadine Nguyen

    So I just got my guinea pig yesterday, and he was fine. I cleaned it (as in showered with shampoo) and cleaned the temporary cage that he has been living in. I had to keep him outside for a couple of hours yesterday and a little bit today. But when I was sweeping up the area around the cage I noticed there was some black bug and I didn’t know what it was but I didn’t think it mattered much anyway. Later today, he started scratching and now I’m scared if he has fleas, ticks, lice or anything. I checked its fur everywhere, there was nothing and then i showered him again, and cleaned his cage again just to make sure. Then he started scratching for the second time. I don’t know if the previous person who had given its flea/tick shot or anything. I’m just worried that he has something, so please help!!

  4. Nadine Nguyen

    Omg! I’m sorry, I thought this was where you ask questions and stuff! Uhh, please ignore what I put.

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