1. Prince Bren N Lancalot

    Mites will often be to small to see and will often cause hair loss and big brown stains, fleas are easily visible and jump around.

  2. heidi s

    Sounds like they have lice. Go to the vet and get Revolution. It costs about 14 dollars. one drop behind the ears will do the trick. Clean the cage really well.

  3. Prodigy5

    You cannot see mites without a microscope, so if you are actually seeing the bugs than it is not mites. You could be seeing fleas, but they get fairly large, what do these bugs look like?
    While fleas are one thing your rat could have, you may also be seeing rodent lice(don’t worry it non transferable to people).
    Rodent lice looks like small reddish specks(very small). My rats have had rodent lice(as confirmed by a vet), I found that Adams flea and tick shampoo does get rid of them(as opposed to others). It is worth the cost, which tends to be a bit more than other flea and lice shampoo.
    This is what the shampoo looks like and it can be found in most stores…

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