I have a german shorthaird pointer and hes almost 4 months old. I bought the quail starter pack from bass pro shop. It came with quail scent, a long leash, and a canvas dummy. What do I do now? Do i put the scent on the canvas dummy? Then what? Any n all info will help, Thanks


  1. kaboom

    We have catahoulas. when we scent train, we start with a tiny bit of a fragrant treat that they really like (you have to always use the same treat). we let them get the scent of it, then place it a few feet in front of them. make them stay, and then tell them to go get it. we move it a little farther and a little farther
    when they sit, stay, get the treat reguarly, we start hiding it (ie, behind a chair, right under the foot of the bed) start them close to it, and if they find it, try hiding it farther away. then start hiding two things at the same time, in close locations, then not so close to eachother. eventually they will be finding things in flowerpots in the other room, or under the bathroom rug.
    when they get it down, we start putting the scent with the treat. and over time, the treats get smaller and the scent gets stronger, until you are using just scented decoys. the rewared then goes from getting to eat a treat, to praise as they find the scent/decoy.
    with a pup, keep the training sessions short and build up (3 min to start, up it to 5 min and so on). if they get bored it is detrimental to the training.

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