My dog runs to other dogs whenever he is let off the lead without taking any notice of you calling him so i bought a 50ft training lead but am unsure how to use it effectively. He doesn’t seem interested in food or toys at all if there are other dogs. Any tips?



    TRAIN RECALL on SHORT lead first!!!
    You can’t REEL IN a 50′ fast enough to make an impression!
    & YES………REEL IT IN!!!
    HARD & FAST….ONE command=”dog HERE”= & DRAG it’s disobedient butt in!!!
    REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT…getting the drift here?
    DO ***********NOT**************** turn it loose again!

  2. Mutt for the Truth

    I have to agree – start smaller and don’t allow the dog the chance to disobey. Reel the dog in if he/she doesn’t immediately respond (like, within two seconds of the command.)
    Start with a six foot length – use your normal leash and just walk the dog around your own yard to begin with. Say the dogs name in a friendly but calm voice – be firm but not scary. Then reel the dog in and give a small reward. Repeat.
    When the dog turns to you immediately every single time you say his/her name, move on to a longer length. You can use the lead you bought just coil it to a shorter length. Again, repeat the above step for each length.
    Once the dog is reliably coming in your yard (with or without the distractions of people/dogs walking by) then move to the park and REPEAT everything. Start again at six foot and leave no option BUT to return to you. Repeat, repeat, repeat.
    This dog should not be let off lead until it is reliable in recall AND in a secure place.
    6 Ft
    10 Ft
    15 Ft
    20 Ft
    25 Ft
    30 Ft
    And so on…. in five foot increments – take your time. It IS very hard to reel in long leashes and your dog will NOT get the “hurry up, get here” impression (or even the whole idea) if you do not enforce the come with the pull in.

  3. Sarah

    Start smaller. You’re giving him way too much slack when he doesn’t listen to you anyway. Start training at home without any other dogs around. Use a 6 foot leash. Then you can gradually move to longer leashes and once you have his full attention every time, you can repeat the process with doggie distractions.

  4. Leora

    I took my dog copper to training school at pet smart. They taught us to use a long leash like 8 ft or something. You let the dog out when you want him to come back you say come or the dogs name and come (which I recommend if you have more than one dog), when the dog does not respond you immediately pull them in and say the command again. don’t give them time to ignore you and don’t say it more than once before bring the dog in. Give them praise even if you had to bring them in because they will understand that when they get to you they are getting a reward. Good luck. Also you should work on distraction techniques. When you dog is distracted by other dogs they need to realize they still need to listen to you. So you should probably work on that first and then the come with distractions.

  5. Racer19- My best friend is a dog

    Start with your dog sitting right in front of you. Have lots of yummy treats your dog LOVES, and a clicker. Say your dogs name very excitedly, and if he looks at you, click and treat. After awhile, you can start letting him go farther and farther on the lead. Soon, every time you say your dogs name, he should look at you.
    Add: Thumbs down? Hmm. Well it worked for me =/

  6. [>TEZ<]

    Put the lead on him and let him go. When he runs, call him him. If he doesnt respond PULL him back to you! Eventually he will get the hang of it.

  7. Lula

    u can start off smaller like at home if he has a fav treat then have him sit then bring the treat up to ur eye and say watch it will start to help him listen better and pay attion to u

  8. Addicted to

    you need a smaller lead. it might help to have a choker around his neck too. that will help a lot.

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