Vet gave my cat Frontline. Not sure how he got fleas because he is an indoor cat. Possibly the owners before us.


  1. marnefir

    Take about an inch off of the flea collar for the cat you buy at the pet store and place it in your vacuum cleaner bag.
    Then, vacuum the rugs as you normally would.

  2. ~*Pamcak

    Hi Andrea, just thought I would let you know that you asked this question in the baseball category, maybe re-ask in the proper category to get more answers :)! But if you need help I know RAID works wonders! I had fruit flys coming up my drain and I bought RAID for indoors and they all died instantly!!! It’s a good price, and very effective!!

  3. Spanish mortgage

    I got them all together and organized a travelling baseball league. Those little guys don’t have much power, but boy are they great bunters. They can beat it out almost every time.

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