We put the proper dose of Advantage on them yesterday. We vacuumed the carpets real well, put flea power over the carpets and let the powder sit for a few hours. Today (the next day), i am still seeing live fleas on the animals and around the house. I have never had carpets before the animals used to be indoor only animals. Now the animals go outside and I have carpets. How long does it take? I will be vacuuming everyday now. Can someone give me some in site? I want these things GONE!


  1. Smartphone Software

    I did it for about 10 years when I had indoor outdoor kitties, now only indoor, so no need any more but it was a life savor!!
    How I got rid of fleas and bugs from my home
    You will need to purchase a simple bug/fly zapper; the type you use on a patio to kill flying insects. You can buy a small one that will cover a large area of your house at most home improvement stores for as little as 20.00-30.00 dollars. For faster results you can use one bug zapper for each room. However the fleas do gravitate to the bug zapper’s light once night sets in and all the lights in your house are out. So one should work for a small home, just make sure to place it in the room where the most fleas are seen or felt. Place the zapper on the floor in a corner behind a piece of furniture so kids and pets won’t play with or bother it. Set it on a plate or pie tin for easy cleaning up of the zapped bugs, you will be killing all bugs in your home as well, and then plug it in. Remember, it is a piece of electrical equipment. You have to use caution in where you put it. At night the fleas automatically want to go to a light, when they hop in to the bug zapper light they get fried! You can actually hear little, zits, zits when the fleas are getting zapped! All GONE! Keep the carpet vacuumed daily until your flea problem is under control, this will help tremendously in getting the fleas eggs out of your home and carpet faster!! I am not responsible for misuse of the above item. Use full caution in placing your bug zapper to the safest place. It will work for months, even years; it will continue to kill bugs in your home as long as the light is on. The bulb can be replaced once it burns out. The light bulb can be purchased at most home improvement stores. http://www.samstores.com/_images/product…

  2. DLB

    Try keeping your pets inside for awhile. Flea bomb your house. Keep vacuuming 2 – 3 times a WEEK!!! Advantage should kill them within 2 – 4 weeks. If all this doesn’t work, contact your vet. They might have something stronger to use. By the way, only buy flea bombs from your vet. The ones from pet stores can cause cat seizures. Good Luck!

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    After you put the flea medication on the fleas will not die until they bite the animal which takes about 3-4 weeks to kill the fleas.
    ~Good Luck!

  4. pispas

    I totally agree with DLB, Advantage, if used properly (follow instructions), takes effect inside the first 48 hours. You need to use it on every animal you keep in the house. Vacuuming the house can get rid of some adult fleas, but the mechanical effect of vacuuming can move the flea eggs and larvae even deeper down your carpets, so YOU NEED A GOOD DOMESTIC FLEA SPRAY FOR CARPETS, any local vet practice will be able to reccommend you a reliable brand, depending on the geographical area where you live. Most of them have a residual effect that will last for a few months after spraying your floors and sofas, and they should kill both adults and eggs and larvae.
    By the way, I also agree with DLB… flea sprays from supermarkets (about 8 euro) may kill some of the fleas, but don´t get rid of the problem completely (I tried one of the in my own house, it was proven to be useless). So go for the one from the vet clinic, I reccommend Acclaim, about 30 euros, but will do for a big house and the effect will last for about 6 months, and it works!

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