He is a 5 month old European Working-line GSD and can pull with so much force my wife cant even walk him anymore. So how do i get started? and what materials do i need to begin his training.


  1. More Bored Collie

    I must congratulate you on getting a working bred GSD, I personally fail to understand why the show lines prefer that sloped back.
    You need a leash four feet or longer, a weight pull harness, and a piece of chain three feet or longer. The only special piece of equipment is the harness. You must use a weight pull harness, not an agitation or walking harness. -The use of an incorrect harness will limit the dog’s ability to pull and could injure the dog. (Harnesses that you can obtain through a chain petstore are typically the wrong harness)
    Beginning training starts with getting the dog accustomed to the harness. Next, attach the chain and then some weight, light but noisy, such as empty milk jugs. Be patient here, there is no time limit. Once the dog shows no interest in anything dragging behind him, it is time to move forward with training.
    Also, I would suggest enrolling in obedience classes prior to this. Weight pull dogs must have a very solid obedience base.

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