Can anyone able to suggest me some of the websites for dog training and also give me some of the tips for dog training…


  1. Diana

    You need 2 or 3 people or a trained dog.
    With 2 persons you could throw the Frisbee and the other one catches and keep doing that or an easier way (if you want to do this start by throwing him bones in the air and he catches it or hold above him and he jumps to it) get a trained dog and play with him in front of your dog and keep playing and your dog is energetic right, then he will get jealous and run at the Frisbee but wont catch it then you hold the trained dog and play frisbee with him until he catches on to it when he does throw 2 frisbees when he catches one throw the other immediately and then he’ll learn that then keep doing it with 3 then 4 then 5 then you know the rest. and give him energetic foods as a reward and pat him as a reward.(after every time he does it only).
    Good Luck on that Hun and check out my website for further help
    good luck xxx

  2. b

    Check out This is a great network of dog trainers and a fantastic dog training system. If there is a sms trainer in your area just give them a call to set up and appointment for a FREE demo. They will come to your house or meet you somewhere to meet you and your dog and show you what they can do for you. Not alot of trainers can do that and there are very few trainers that can problem solve like these guys. I’ve used this system personally and would have become one of their trainers myself buy someone in my area beat me to it. Check out all their youtube vids as well. They can train any dog. Hope this helps.

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