Hi. I was wondering if anyone knew how much it would cost for a dog trainer from Bark Busters to train my dog. My dog jumps up, barks when the doorbell rings, does not come when called, etc.
If you could give me an estimate of how much it costs to use Bark Busters, that’d be great! Thanks!


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    I wouldn’t recommend Bark Busters unless you plan on doing a lot of the work. They will not come to your dog and train them for you. They will come to your house, tell you a proper plan of action… show you what to do and then go on their merry way. You have to spend most of the time training them yourself. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing–but does require that you be the one to implement the procedures.
    We paid $695 for a lifetime guarantee. Then $195 for an additional dog. I would not recommend them personally–I would have rather taken them to puppy training classes and spent the money that way.

  2. rob2ca20

    When I got my dog 31/2 years ago, and I hired a trainer before bringing the puppy home. I found a number of people listed in the phone book. I did a phone interview and Bark Busters was one of them. Most charged $50.00 per hour visit. Bark Buster was different. They had a plan, that cost about $500.00 but I may be wrong on the price. This covers everything.
    I did not go with Bark Buster for two reasons: First I had a good puppy that my goal was to help her grow up. Second: After interviewing different people, I found other trainers who were more knowledgeable.

  3. xcbellx1

    the best thing to do is call “Bark Busters” and ask them what they charge…. I’m pretty sure they’ll tell you.

  4. anne b

    I actually had a great experience with Barkbusters. They charge a flat fee of $495 to teach YOU how to train your dog. They evaluate, come up with a plan of action, teach you how to go about it, then give you homework. The whole idea here is that the Barkbusters guy isn’t going to be around forever. We all need to know how to train our own dogs.
    They also give a lifetime guarantee once the training is over. If the same problems crop up again, or if new ones surface, they will come back at no charge to teach you some more.
    My particular trainer was very knowledgeable about the breed I was having difficulty with. We asked him many questions and found out these guys go through 224 hours of training themselves before they are allowed to train. I was very happy with the results and would recommend them to any dog with issues.
    The training lasted more than three months, and it took as many visits as we needed.
    Just to give you an idea of my training needs, my girl was child aggressive and had fear-bit two people. She is now a very obedient and well-trained dog, and we continue to train her because we know how to handle her.
    They also gave us a discount because our dog was a shelter rescue.
    Edit: The whole idea behind the Barkbusters principle is the dog belongs to you, not the trainer. You can send your dog out to be trained, but that is the lazy way out, and if you don’t know how to continue the training, it will surely fail and you will be right back where you started. Training is not a one-time thing. It is something that happens every day of your dog’s life. You need to be able to commit to doing that for your dog. Dog ownership is a priveledge and it involves work.
    Anyone who counsels you otherwise is incorrect and probably does not have a well-trained dog.

  5. Aye. Right!

    I’m sure if you ring them they will tell you all you want to know!
    Remember, having someone else train your dog is all good and well, but it is up to YOU to reinforce all the things that you BOTH get taught.

  6. Jake

    Contact your local Bark Buster trainer by calling 877-500-2275 and ask them. I am sure they would be happy to help, my Bark Buster trainer told me before I hired him. Good luck to you.

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