I have an Aussie and I want to start training her. What should I start out with doing and how sould I do it?


  1. TBA

    Well, start with basic tricks like sit, stay, shake, roll. Then you can move onto other things. my dog knows Sit, stay, roll, shake your right, shake your left, jump up(on a table, outside), drink, and crawl so far, and I’m not done training her.

  2. Chica

    I have a Toy American Eskimo that i trained. I went and took classes so that I knew I was doing it right. We first started out with the basics:Come
    Don’t touch
    I also took her to a Trick Class were she learned:
    Roll over
    Play dead (Bang)
    I could give u details on how to train ur dog If u IM me at: lachica0160
    I had allot of fun when I trained her and we had allot of binding time. So IM me and I’ll give u tips on how to train ur dog

  3. oracle

    The most common ones to start with a dog are sit/stay -put your dog on a leash-prefer the chest kind and NEVER a choke chain for you want the dog to res[pond to the word and not Fear. Say sit gently press the dog on the hindquarters- give a treat- repeat this until the dog sits without you having to guide into sitting position-when the dog does it ALWAYS follow with a treat then after she sits by herself give a treat only every other time and then deccrease until she sits without treat—Then when she sits say STAY and keep her sittin g by gentle pressure on her backside with your hand when she says sitting say good dog—You should always say Good Dog when she does what you say and give treat -this also applies when you are training to sit. Again say Good dog with treat when she stays and slowly decrease treats until she stays without one But Always Say GOOD DOG. Aussies are smart and are working dogs and all dogs want nothing more than to please so should be easy . You can talk to your dog in a firm voice but never yell at the dog,NEVER HIT your dog or Talk Badly to her for you will make hear afraid of you and break her spirit.Go to http://www.geocites.com for simple dog training instructions. Petsmart and Petco orf any Pet supply store has books not too expensive-14-20.dollars that have simple picture instructions on how to train. If you train with LOVE your dog will do to make you happy and your dog will love and be your friend.

  4. ~*Jess*~

    U should get it treats and give it one when it dose what u want.
    Example: For siting push her butt down as u say sit, thing give her a treat

  5. spanish mortgages

    I would start with the basics (sit, stay, down) before anything else. Start immediately. No dog is too young or too old to learn. I have used a great book that’s listed on my website for training my dogs, and love the techniques in it.
    Good luck to you!

  6. prozworl

    start by putting on a leech and keep walking her.
    make sure she stays at ure side, if she walks to fast just jurk it back a little so that she would know that you are the pack leader (master)

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